Hi, I'm your Private Data POD

What I Do

I hold and secure all the data you create, with your permission, I can share that data with your friends, family and trusted businesses, connecting you and your network in a whole new way!


Who I Am

I am your WebID. With your WebID and your POD, the data you create is 100% under your control, secure and physically stored where you plug me in!

As your WebID, I can connect to other PODs if they let me, allowing you to view their data and vice versa all while keeping your posts, pictures and communications safe and sound.


How I Work

You already figured out the hardest part, you plugged me in, seriously though I am running a SOLID server built on Node, if you want to learn more visit the SOLID project at MIT.

If you are ready to get started, simply view your POD, secure it by registering for our new WebID and start taking true control of your data!

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